I ordered on Thrusday, May 16. I received today, May 20. I am happy with the quality and exceptionally happy with the service. You are a bit more expensive than some OP's but for your speed and the the fact that you ship inside the U.S and confirmation mail, it is well, well, worth it. Thank you, I will report my excellent experience with you on drugbuyers.com.

Clint-order #B-008316

It is so easy to complain, I would like to thank you... for retrying my CCard..And delivery all in the same week.
Somebody took the time to read my emails, and to check my messages. My CCard company had a hold on my card due to a charge from outside the normal..Again
THANK YOU for readiing my message and acting on my behalf. Your service was GREAT AND I Appreciate your efforts.

A. Stewart

I would like to sincerely thank you very much for your responding to my inquiries so quickly.

A. J. Liachames


A. Sorrentino

I just received my package and just cant believe how quickly you were able to deliver your product!!! Everything was so smooth and the package was very discreet. I am so grateful for your expedient delivery as I have been in great pain. I will come back to you for all of my needs in the future.

Thank you,


I have received my order and am pleased with your service. I will do business with you again.

B. Spele

Thank you very much for your fast delivery. I am impressed. I will be happy to use your pharmacy again.

Thanks again.

B. Kemp

I received my order. Thank you for your PROMPT service!

B. Larry

I just wanted to let you know that it is a pleasure doing business with your company.I have had nothing but good results and your employee's are exceptional and do a wonderful job. Keep up the good work.

C. Aliotta

Just wanted to tell you how impressed I was with the quick service, both on confirmation of order and reciept of order.

Thank you,

D. Foster

Regarding order #B-004635, I compliment your company on the swiftness of dispatching this product and the fact that the product was well protected from damage. I will definitely do business with ParmacyMex soon. Thank you.

D. Blanks

Thanks for the fast and and great service!

D. J. Ervin



I heard you guys were good, but the fast responses and email communication is excellent. Foreign clients always have many questions and most go unanswered.

Thanks for surpassing the norm.

F. Bailey

Dear Marco,
It arrived in 2 days. I wrote a wonderful report at the site I heard about you from. I will continue to use your business as needed. I am very impressed, and wish to thank you VERY MUCH.

G. M.

Thank you for your great service. I was recently in need of a prescription for Omeprazol which I cannot buy in the United states and I can't afford Prilosec I was a little leary to make a purchase over the internet with a company in a foreign country. In spite of an incorrect address you promptly got the prescription to me. I will refer you to my friends. Thank you.

H. Coleman

Hello again ~

I wanted to thank you for replying to my questions. I greatly appreciate it. You're a very good company! Thanks again,

J. Sanchez

Just a note to say Great service, My order came today.


I received my order today. Thank you for your promptness. You are providing a great service.

J. Williams


Just wanted to drop a line and say how pleased I am with your service. Very prompt delivery and good customer service. I will use your company again in the future. Keep up the good work.


J. Kritzstien

Thank...I must say you have been VERY good with your service and I want to compliment you. I guess I've been getting my prescription from you for well over a year now and excluding the one that was lost via U.S. Mail Service, which was not your fault, the service, response time and your communications are excellent!


J. Nicodemus

I was so pleased when I had a problem and it was taken care of immediately. Thanks for the assistance.

J. Short

Thank You Again for great consistant, speedy and private service.

K. V.

The last 3 orders have come in record time (hoping the same for one just placed) THANK YOU!!!!!! You are great and truly appreciated. Sincerely and Have a Great Day,

K. Vaughan-Tacoma, WA

PS Also thank you for privacy and speediness and all!!!!!!

I received it today, thank you again for checking on it. You customer service is excellent, and when my friend was really sick with hives and could not afford a doctor it was nice to be able to order the Claritin from you.

Thank you again for all your help.

K. Laughter

Just a quick note of praise and appreciation for the excellent service received. Thank you.

L. Perline

A few weeks ago I ordered Fioricet and I never received it. Your company went ahead & shipped order to replace this one in a very timely manner. I was so pleased I told a few friends about this web site & they are going to use it. Thanks

L. Schwass

Thank you so much for the excellent service. Received my order today.


L. Hugie

Just wanted to let you know that my package arrived safely today. I am very impressed with your customer service and once I have tried the product will recommend you highly. Thank you for such a smooth and quick transaction. Have a good weekend.

L. Ashman

I just received shipment. Thanks for being so fast. I will definitely order from you again.

M. Buxton

I would like to thank you for the excellent service that you have given me. I ordered butalbital on the 12th and recieved it today the 14th. I am impressed and will refer your company to others. Again thank you so very much. I hope I spell this right but Mucho Gracias!

M. Hotard

Just wanted to tell you I got my order today. Thank-you for getting it to me so quickly. It's a pleasure to do business with you! Thanks again,


Order received quickly, and as requested, thank you very much.

M. Haynes

I received my order on 3/29 which was only 3 days after placing it. I believe that I have stood in pharmacy lines for longer than that. It was quite nice to have someone live up to a claim of fast dependable service. Thank you very much,

M. Starr

<ORDER NO. IS B-005339>
My order had just been received by your company Monaday Am, 4-1-02, and I already got it in the mail today! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!!

M. Potter

I just wanted to let you know that this order arrived today. Everything was fine and intact. Also, I want to thank you, again, for the wonderful service that you continue to provide.

P. McDonald

I just wanted to let you know that this order arrived "safe and sound" today. And, again, thank you so much for helping me fight these migraines. I don't know what I would do without you and your superb service. You will never know how much you help me. Have a great weekend,

P. E. McDonald

You are wonderful! I could never begin to tell you how much you have helped me. I teach school and our insurance leaves a lot to be desired. I sincerely thank you for everything you continue to do to help me. You are absolutely the BEST!!! Thank you so much.

Best regards,

P. McDonald

I have told you this on other occasions, but you have an amazingly efficient company. It is run so professionally and I hope that you realize how many people you help. I teach school and would miss school days if not for this medicine which my doctor previously preescribed for migraines. I would have to miss school just to get an appointment. Thank you so much for all that you do for me. I wish you every success in your business.

P. McDonald

Hello- My request was filled perfectly & the packageing was perfect, the product excellent, once again- also-additionally, everything was here in less than a week. Thank You so very much

P. McDonald

I recently ordered one of your medicines and promptly recieved the shipment. Thank for your expedicious service! Order #C-002101


R. Cox

Hi, just a note to let you know that my order arrived today without any difficulty. Thank you very much!

Squeak Two.

Outstanding Great Service. Thank You!

S. Brown

I received the order today. I am very impressed with your speed. Thank you. Please let me know if and when you are able to get advair.

S. Stackhouse

I have never received as quick of a turn around as I experienced this past week with order #C-001871. I live two hours from Nuevo Laredo but believe that it will be more convenient to do future business with you through the mail. Thanks

T. Flenniken

I sent you a money order last Saturday. My order came today I must commend you on your service its the best I have seen. Keep up the good work . Thank you.

T. Duhigg.

Thanks for all of your help. I will refer your business to my closest friends and family.

T. Nutts

Thanks so much for your quick responsive e-mails!! ...i will be ordering on a regular basis..you guys have really proved yourself to be very quick, efficient and nice to deal with thank you very much for your fast shipping!! sincerely,

V. L. C.

Hello !! i got the order today in the mail!! thanks again for your prompt mail service.. i will continue to use your company on a regular basis!! please disregaurd the recent emails.. everything is great!! thanks again.. you are a great company!! best regards......

C. L.

Thank you for your quick response and good service.

V. Sedlak

HOORAY HOORAY dependable you! I got it today. Another kudoos goes up for you on my OPC board. Thanks a bunch

I. H.

Your company is so kind! I always know that you can be depended upon and vote you highest in courteousness, availability and cost with International Pharmacies.

Thanks again!


I just wanted to say that I have TMJ and Multiple Sclerosis and have had so many problems with getting my doctor to hear me and my horrible pain. Sometimes, i cannot eat. The product, Soma, helps me to be able to eat like a normal person and you don't know how much that means to me. I thank you so much for your caring, reliability, discretion and just being there. You have the best quality in everything, including the package I received today.
I hope that you consider sometime adding more products for people such as myself who are in a lot of pain almost 24 hours a day and have to beg to doctors who don't hear us or understand because they don't have these diseases and are able to function normally--like chewing and walking and just day to day living. I understand that controlled subjects you don't carry, but if you did, I surely would trust you enough to purchase them because I know they will get here quickly. Some days are really bad and painful, believe me--but tonight, because of your delivery--I can eat a meal without mushing it up first.
Thank you. Please continue to keep up the good work; it is appreciated so much. And if you ever consider offering a bit more to your product line, please let me know--for those days when the pain is unbearable.

Have a nice day please. I hug u all